Brand yourself!

Every 'bubbie' is unique.

Just to review, a 'green bubbie' is an energy efficient model of grand

parenting for the new millennium. You don't need to have your own children, or grandchildren.
You nurture the sprouts, wherever you are. Use local children, they need not be your own!
Now, having said that, why even bother to be a 'bubbie' if you don't have offspring. Well let's face it, the world needs all of the unconditional love we can muster if we want to sustain the human race, along with the earth! If you want children to sustain the earth, let them learn to garden, and learn that the people they love most, also love the earth. We show our love for the children, by transmitting our responsibility for taking care of the earth, sharing our understanding of how God's world is supposed to work, and living the life, walking the walk.
Now to get back to 'branding' Every 'bubbie' in whatever cultural context needs her specialty.
Choose a cookie, cake or even a soup, and begin identifying it as your own. As in "Newman;s Own"
Choose a name for yourself. For instance, I could be 'bubbie feldman' or "bubbie Ruth" or "Mommom" Granny Snow obviously comes to mind at the moment, You know you have a name, when 'other people' not limited to your own family begin to use it
Being a Green Bubbie, is a concept. It is a relationship you can set in motion, at any age or stage of your life, You can even try it at a distance, You can call yourself "Auntie Mame" or Anti-Oakly, or whatever you like, The key is to 'branch out' and plant the idea of a caring, nurturing relationship in as many hearts and minds as you see fit.
This is a relationship built on passion about life, transmitting skills, values, stories and culture.
While 'bubbie' is a term for a Jewish grandmother, you may find you are one, even if you aren't Jewish! Unconditional love has a universal appeal, and we are building relationships, its about bridges, not boundaries.
Now, if you happen to be Jewish, Purim is coming, so think about sending "Mishloach Manot"- gifts of Hamantashen and other sweet treats to someone who might least expect a gift from you!
And this is a perfect time in the snow to browse the recipes in your cupboard, or on Google, and find the one that you can identify with - make it your own. And start making what you love.
I am currently trying to master the 'raspberry-chocolate chip cookie'
Remember, regardless of what (else) you think your legacy might be someday, if your cookies are great, they'll be remembered!
Brand Yourself- be yourself, and share yourself, lovingly.

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