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In preparation for Tu B'Shvat, now t-14 days, I'm forwarding to you this list of books for young children in English and Hebrew.
Trees, seeds, weeds, are you reading carefully? You've probably already started, but it's never too late to plant new seeds and to nurture the "sprouts" growing right in front of you. Thank you to Risa from the Israel Book Store in Brookline, MA for these beautiful resources.

Order from Israel Book Shop here:

Tu Bishvat Resources:
Children's Books: English
Aleph-Bet Israel by Galia Armeland (EKS) $10.95 less 10% SC


Artscroll Children's Book of Berachos by Shmuel Blitz
(Artscroll)  $15.99 less 20%


Behold the Trees by Sue Alexander (Arthur Levine Books)  $16.95 less 20%


Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss (HarperTrophy)  $6.99 less 20% SC


Dear Tree by Doba Rivka Weber (Hachai)  $10.95 less 10% HC


Gavriel and the Golden Garden by Menucha Fuchs (Judaica Press)  $11.95 less 10%  HC
Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein (HarperCollins) $16.99 less 20% HC


God's World by Sylvia Rouss ((Pitspopany) $9.95 less 20%
Grandpa and Me on Tu B'Shevat by Marji E. Gold-Yukson (Kar-Ben) $6.95 less 20% SC
Green Bible Stories for Children by Tami Lehman-Wilzing (Kar-Ben)
$17.95 less 20%  HC         $7.95 less 20%  SC


Growing with the Tree by Rachel Stein (Feldheim)  $12.99 less 10%  HC
It's Too Crowded in Here! And Other Jewish Folktales retold for young childrenby Vicki L. Weber(Behrman House) $8.95 less 10% SCIncludes a story titled: Why Trees Don't Talk

It's Tu B'Shevat by Edie Stoltz Zolkower (Kar-Ben)  $5.95 less 20%  BOARD
NEW:Jewish Big Book: Tu B'Shvat  (Torah Aura)  $29.95
Lag Ba'Omer and Tu Bishvat with Bina, Benny and Chaggai Hayonah
     (Artscroll Children's Holiday Series) $10.99 less 10%
Thank you, Trees by Gail Langer Karwoski and Marilyn E. Gootman
(Kar-Ben) $5.95 less 20%
The Little Leaf by Chana Sharfstein (Hachai) $10.95 less 10% HC

The Lorax by Dr. Seuss (Random House) $14.95 less 20% HC

Mayer Aaron Levi and His Lemon Tree by Tami Lehman-Wilzig (Gefen)
$12.95 less 10% HCThe Mitzvah That Landed on Our Windowsill: A Shiluach Ha-Kan Story Captured in Photographs (Feldheim)  $11.99 less 10%  HC

My First Brachos Board Book by B.C. Edelman (Judaica Press)
$13.95 less 10%  BOARD


Naamah, Noah's Wife by Sandy Eisenberg Sasso (Skylight Paths) $7.95 less 20% BOARD


NEW: Netta and Her Plant by Ellie B. Gellman (Kar-Ben)
 $17.95 less 20% HC    $7.95 less 20% SC


Noah's Wife: The Story of Naamah by Sandy Eisenberg Sasso (Jewish Lights)
     $16.95 less 20% HC
     " The story may be the starting point of a conversation about our responsibility for
       caring for the earth."
 Rabbi Rocketpower in a Tooty-Fruity Tale for Tu Bishvat
 by Rabbi Susan Abramson  (Oak Leaf Systems)  $9.95 less 10%
Sammy Spider's First Tu B'Shevat by Sylvia A. Rouss (Kar-Ben) $7.95 less 20% SC
Solomon and the Trees by Matt Biers-Ariel (URJ Press) $13.95 less 20%
Talia and the Rude Vegetables by Linda Elovitz Marshall (Kar-Ben)  $6.95 less 20% SC
Tiny Seed by Eric Carle (Aladdin) $7.99 less 20%

Tree is Nice by Janice May Udry (Harper) $6.99 less 20%

Children's Books: Hebrew

 Aggadat Choni HaMiagel (Gesher Kal Series/Jewish Agency) $9  SC

Chanan HaGanan by Rinat Hoffer (Zmora-Betan) $18.95 less 10%   HC
Charuzim Tiimimim by Datya Ben-Dor (Modan) $13.95 less 10%   HC or BOARD
Eliezer VihaGezer by Levin Kipnis (Zimzun) $20.95 less 10%  HC

Etz B'Tzarah ("Leaf Trouble") by Jonathan Emmett (Kineret) $21.95 less 10% HC
HaAryeh SheAhav Tut by Tirza Atar (HaKibbutz HaMiuchad) $17.95 less 10%  HC

HaEtz HaNadiv by Shel Silverstein (Modan) $17.95 less 10%   HC

HaEtz Shel Yair by Rena Shlein (Tzabar) $7.95 less 10%   HC

HaEtz SheRatza Yom Huledet by Tomer Sarig (Tzabar) $10.50 less 10%  HC
HaShafan ViHagezer by Tzvia Wilensky (Sefer Lakol) $11.95 less 10%  HC
HaShatil Shel Mor by Sarah Zluf (Zimzun) $12.95 less 10%  HC
 Kadur HaAretz Sheli ("The Earth Book") by Todd Parr (Kineret)  $21.99 less 10%  HC



Lamah Etz HaOren Lo Miushar by Mira Owen and Esther Bruner
     (Nitzanim Series: CET/Melton)  $4.95  SC
Lihatzil Et Kochav Hayam : Sefer HaSippurim HaYarok (Agur)

by Shlomo Abas $17.95 less 10%  HC

Mahi Eretz Yisrael? by Margalit Kvenshtock $18  SC

Perach, Perach Al Tivkeh! (Flower, Flower, Don't Cry)  by Paul Kor $18.95 less 10% HC


Tu Bishvat BaSheleg (Nitzanim Series)  by Mira Owen and Esther Bruner (Matach)  $4.95 SC


Tu Bishvat Hegia! by Sharon Levi  (Ofarim) $12.95 less 10%  HC



Yom Huledet LaGina by Rena Shlein (Sefer Lakol)  $17.95 less 10% HC
Zaroni by Dani Nachalieli (Korim) $12.95 less 10%  HC
Tu Bishvat Resources:

Celebrating the Jewish Year : The Winter Holidays
by Paul Steinberg (JPS)  $22 less 20%
     "Bursting with primary sources, prayers, rituals and stories, Celebrating the Jewish Year includes contributions from some of the greatest Jewish thinkers in history, as well as original essays by acclaimed writers of today."



 Get Out!

150 Ways for Kids and Grown-Ups to Get Into Nature and Build a GreenerFuture by Judy Molland (Free Spirit Publishing) $10.99  SC

Greening Book: Being a Friend to Planet Earth

by Ellen Sabin

(Watering Can Press)  $24.95 less 10%  HC
"The Greening Book grows kids with character. It's an activity book...and an educational tool that engages children in learning about environmental issues and discovering their power to make a difference in the world bu understanding, nurturing and protecting Planet Earth."


Kids' Catalog of Animals and the Earth

by Chaya M. Burstein (JPS)

 $16.95 less 20%  SC
(... all the information , eco-activities adn ideas you'll need to make a difference in the earth's future. Written from a Jewish perspective...teaches us how to be partners with God in caring for our world."

A Kids' Guide to Climate Change and Global Warming: How to Take Action!

by Cathryn Berger Kaye (Free Spirit Publishing)  $6.95  SC
"...Here are the facts, tools and inspiration you need to get out there and make a difference in the world."   Grades 6 and up

Listen to the Trees: Jews and the Earth

by Molly Cone

"Using Torah texts and traditional Jewish stories as a basis, this book for intermediate grades presents an exploration of ecology and the interconnectedness of all life on earth."

Includes stories, cartoons and full-color illustrations.   $14.95 less 10%  SC
A Person Is Like A Tree: A Sourcebook for Tu Bishvat by Yitzhak Buxbaum
 (Jason Aronson)  $28.95 less 10%

Seder Tu Bishvat: The Festival of Trees by Adam Fisher (CCAR)

Simple Actions for Jews to Help Green the Planet
Jews, Judaism and the Environment
by Rabbi Dov Peretz Elkins    $17.99 less 10%  SC

Spirit in Nature: Teaching Judaism and Ecology on the Trail

by Matt Biers-Ariel, Deborah Newbrun and Michal Fox Smart  (Behrman House)

$15.95 less 10%  SC
Torah of the Earth: Exploring 4,000 Years of Ecology in Jewish Thoughtedited by Arthur Waskow (Jewish Lights Publishing)
     Volume I:Biblical/Rabbinic
     Volume II: Zionism/Eco-Judaism
Each volume $14.95 less 20%
Way into Judaism and the Environment by Jeremy Bernstein (Jewish Lights)
     "Explores the ways in which Judaism contributes to contemporary social-environmental issues."  $18.99 less 20%  SC
Whole School Holiday Curriculum: Tu B'Shvat (Torah Aura)
Each Whole-School Holiday lesson contains 12 student folders and a teacher's guide
I.  Tu B'Shvat Celebrations          $12.95
2. The Four High Holidays          $12.95
3. Honi the Circle Maker             $12.95
4. Tree Blessings                        $12.95
5. Tu B'Shvat Food                     $12.95
6. Tu B'Shvat Seder                    $12.95
7. A Day in the Life of a Verse    $12.95
Whole School Holiday Curriculum: Environment  (Torah Aura)
$12.95/packet of 12 student folders plus a teacher's guide
1. In Our Image
2. Guarding the Planet
3. Caring for Animals
4. Birkhot Ha-Nehanim
5. Beyond Bal-Tash'hit
6. Exploring Modern Jewish Food Ethics
7. Exploring a Jewish Response to Climate Change
The Teen Guide to Global Action: How to Connect with Others to Create Social Change
     by Barbara A. Lewis  (Free Spirit Publishing) $12.95  SC
" Features hundreds of local and global actions in:
human rights; hunger and homelessness; health and safety; education;
environment and conservation; youth representation; peace and friendship
Trees, Earth and Torah: A Tu B'Shvat Anthology edited by Ari Elon, Naomi Hyman and Arthur Waskow  (JPS) $23.95 less 20%
" This anthology draws upon biblical, rabbinical, medieva, and modern sources- from art, music, recipes, and crafts, as well as fiction, poetry and essays - about the significance and historical development of Tu B'Shvat..."
A Wild Faith: Jewish Ways into Wilderness, Wilderness Ways Into Judaism
by Rabbi Mike Comins  (Jewish Lights) $16.99 less 20%  SC
Eliezer V'HaGezer                       $24.95 less 10%
Based on the classic Israeli children's book
Other stories included on the DVD:
 HaEfroach Shehalach Lichapes Acheret;
 HaMitriya HaGedola Shel Abba; Maaseh B'Kovah
Grandpa's Tree (Ergo Media)
A Jewish American student comes to Israel to locate his grandfather's tree, planted a half century earlier in a Jewish National Fund grove.  In the course of his search, we learn about contemporary Israel, its emphasis on land reclamation and afforestation, and about Tu B'Shevat, Arbor Day. Directed by Telma Steklov. Starring Jonathan Miller.
24 minutes  $34.95 less 10%

Shirim Tiimim (Matan Ariel)  "Food Songs in Hebrew" $19.95 less 10%

Shalom Sesame: Grover Plants a Tree
$14.95 less 10%
     "It's Tu Bishvat! Grover, Brosh and Avigail get back to nature
 as they learn how to plant trees and make the world a betterplace."
Tu Bishvat CDs:
Earth Worm Disco (Shira Kline) $16.95 less 10%
"...celebrating the wonders of growing up green."
Tu Bishvat Hegea with Ariella Savir  $15.95 less 10%
HaShekdia Porachat: Mivchar Shirim L'Tu Bishvat   $15.95 less 10%
Shirim Tiimimim  (Matan Ariel) $10.95
Songs about different foods and the garden.
Tu Bishvat Crafts: 

Tulip Magnet  (Benny's)

Wooden tulips to decorate with markers, paint, glitter glue, and stickers.
$6.99/10 in bag
Tu B'Shvat Sponges (Benny's)
 Sponge painting activity. $14.95
Tu Bishvat Stickers/Foam Shapes/Stencils



Fruit stickers  $3/10 sheets 

Shkedia (almond tree) $3.50/pkg. of 200
Shkedia foam shapes   $5.95/8 sets

Vegetable Stickers (script)  $3/10 sheets
Vegetable Stickers  $3/10 sheets
Shivat HaMinim (Seven Species) Stickers  $3/10 sheets
Citrus Fruit  $2.95/pkg. of 200
Gardening  $3.50/pkg. of 200
Shivat HaMinim (Seven Species) $9.50/18 sets of 8
Shivat HaMinim foam shapes   $5.95/10 sets
7 HaMinim stencils  $5.95/package of 7
Tu Bishvat Posters:

Interactive Tu Bishvat Poster with velcro (Zerach) $10.50

Interactive Tu Bishvat Poster with velcro (Zerach)  $12.50


Colorful poster in Hebrew and English of symbols, customs and activities associated with Tu Bishvat. Laminated  (Benny's) $10.95


Tu B'Shvat Cut-Out Poster (Benny's)  $12.95


Seven Species poster   laminated  (Zerach)  $8


Seven Species poster  laminated  (Zerach)  $6


Tu B'Shvat Poster Set

Includes 9 pictures  12.5 in. x 8.5 in.   $16.95/set
Tu Bishvat 3 Children Planting Bulletin Board Set (Benny's) $22.95
Tu Bishvat Project Pages $6/pkg. of 40
Trees, Fruit and Vegetables Classification Kit
Inlcudes velcro board and 59 flashcards. (Benny's) $19.95
Four Seasons Trees (Carson-Dellosa) $9.99
Bulletin board display
Big-Tree/ Kid- Drawn (Carson-Dellosa) $11.99
Bulletin board display
Shivat HaMinim Poster Set
Includes 7 pictures 13 in. x 9.5 in   $16.95
Tu Bishvat Resources in Hebrew:
Chagim B'Ivrit: Ramah I, II,  (URJ Press) $9.35 each


Each level of this new series contains a section on Tu Bishvat featuring

stories, activities, songs.

Particulary useful resource for stories told in easy Hebrew relating to each holiday of the year.
Tchanim U'fiilyot L'Chag HaChanukah V'Tu Bishvat by Miriam Tzarfati
     (David Rechgold Publishing) $20
 Discussion ideas, craft suggestions, clip art,poems and more...
 Geared for Kindergarten and Lower Elementary.
Miyatzeg: Tchanim U'fiiluyot L'Tu Bishvat
Background on the holiday, uses for trees, poems, worksheets, stories, clip art and more.
NEW: Zman L'Sasson U'Lizikaron : Kerech Alef (Keren Tali)
Wonderful sourcebook for all the Chagim, for upper grades.  $12 each volume
NEW: Maagal Hachagim (Keren Tali)
Lovely resource on the entire holiday cycle, for elementary grades.