Mirele Goldsmith, PhD a green bubbie!

I’d like to introduce you to Mirele Goldsmith, PhD.

Mirele is a perfect Green Bubbie- she is passionate about the environment, passionate about sharing all that she knows, is always learning- she can even chart your carbon footprint. And she is devoted to making new friends- of all ages. Along with her wonderful husband Rick, their home is known form welcoming singles, marrieds, and even families with young children to their home. Their Shabbat and Yom Tov table is always a meeting place for diverse minds and lively souls. Mirele's dissertation was all about WATER- and she has been speaking internationally on the topic- so turn your water off, and value every drop, and invite the neighbors over for a cup of tea.

Mirele is a Green Bubbie!

Are YOU a Green Bubbie- let us hear about you, and let us learn from your example, contact us at ruthie@greenbubbie.com

Or, would you like to tell us about a Green Bubbie in your life?

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