Monthly Archives: April 2011

Today I received a letter in the mail addressed to "Green Bubbie(TM)" You know, even a great idea is only an idea. Even if you write about it, you need to see if it resonates with others outside of your own head. Do other people ever know what you are imagining? As a 'visionary' thinker, I can tell you that there is nothing more exciting then to see/know that your idea is understood by others, and used by them.
So, imagine my delight when during my recent visit to my grand daughter's kindergarten, I was asked by the teacher what I would like the children to call me. Finally, my chance to try this 'green bubbie' idea out on a group of five year olds. So, I said, they can call me "Green Bubbie" - I paused and whispered to the teacher that for the moment, I would skip my usual monologue about energy-efficient grand parenting. (see initial green bubbie blog posts)
About a moment later the teacher returned and told me that a number of children commented that I didn't look green, and that I didn't appear to be wearing anything green either. There is nothing like the reality focus of young children. So, I proceeded to explain to them that, in addition to being a color, 'green' is also the color of vegetable greens, and gardens, and that a
"green bubbie" is 'someone who helps children plant gardens.'
We did several activities involving different seeds, gardening catalogs, and each child had an opportunity to plant their own chosen seed in an organic, biodegradable planter with their own scoop of organic planting soil. I don't know who had the most fun. We even discussed the life cycle of beans- and while they were admittedly more familiar with beans that go into making 'cholent' for Shabbos, they were wide eyed at the stages where beans can be eaten off the 'pole' or bush. But, it was the idea of the 'zipper' that opens the pea pod that captured the most interest. I taught them 'Five little peas in a pea-pod pressed" and they sang and popped up at just the right moment.
The next day I spoke with the teacher to follow up. She said they took my suggestion and bought fresh peas and shelled them for a snack. While they loved them, my grand daughter assured the children that fresh picked peas from your own garden will be even better. The teacher told me that the class wrote me a thank you note- and that there was a big discussion as to whether to write, "Dear Green Bubbie" or to 'The Green Bubbie" whatever.... When the letter arrived in today's mail, I got all of the validation I could ever want from the seed of a germinating idea-I have no doubt that "the Green Bubbie(TM)" will be a welcome addition gardens and young children wherever they grow.
So, become a Follower or contact me so I can add your name to the 'green bubbies' and join me in planting for the future, with our current crop of kids!