Unless you are a banana

Many people ask about being a Green Bubbie- what's with the green?
Well as I have said, you don't need to have your own children ( or grandchildren) to be a green bubbie- Use local "sprouts" - they need not be your own! Get it?
You may think that the 'green revolution' is today's version of the sixties- But, you'd be wrong.
Maybe you think you are too old to be green, after all, we are the generation whose children learned the 'mantra' from Kermit- that, "It's not easy being Green"
Well, it is easier now, than then. Think of nature's rule, if it's green, it's alive! and growing- and that can apply to you too. If you are 'green' these days, you too are alive and growing, viable, flexible.
And when it comes to sustaining the earth- well, let's take great care of it- and not to be too gruesome, it gives new meaning to the notion of 'home land'
Just because today's youth have taken ownership of the 'green revolution' it doesn't mean it isn't for all of us. It is. If your bubbie loves the garden, the kinderlach will love it too. So branch out and invite the local sprouts into your garden and into your life.
You are not imagining that the world is less 'natural' woodsy and open than you remember from your own youth. It's true. Neither suburbia or the urban landscape provide the trees for climbing or the woods for exploring or the creeks for jumping over that you may remember from your own youth. THIS IS IMPORTANT- Children need to learn what the earth was suppose to be like before it was paved over (remember Joni MItchell's parking lot?)
So, even if you don't garden, tell stories of what it was like when you went to camp, to 'camp' and not to learn computers or water skiing. Tell the local sprouts what is was/is like to walk in the Forest, And take - or at least suggest that time be spent wandering in your local arboretum.
You have probably more information about trees, greens and gardens in your memory than today's young children have in their neighborhoods- so take them 'out'
and remember, unless you are a banana, you are never too old to turn green

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